Attendance Policy

Please note, Kids Make Theatre has a new attendance policy in place. To make theatre, everyone needs to be in class and rehearsals. We have limited spots available and a lot of kids wanting to attend. In order to deliver quality programming and a supportive, creative community this policy is now in effect:


Contact Us About Absences BEFORE the program or class

Leave a message: 503-525-5922 x31; or email: [email protected]

  • If notice is given before a program or class that a student will be absent, then that is an excused absence.
  • If no notice is given that a student will be absent prior to a program or class, that is an unexcused absence.
  • If a student has an unexcused absence, when no notice was given that the student would be missing a program or class before the class or program, the student will be removed from that program


Good to Know:

  • Exceptions will be made in the case of an emergency. Contact us as soon as is possible please.
  • To give us notice your child or teen will be missing a class, workshop, camp, rehearsal or other programming, email us at [email protected] or leave a message at 503-525-5922 x31.
  • We will no longer be calling and emailing to ask about non-attending students.
  • No refunds due to non-attendance will be issued.
  • If a student is removed from programming due to non-attendance, their adult will need to email us before being able to register again.

Thank you for helping us create a safe and collaborative theatre learning community.

We ask that you please do NOT send your child to us for class if they aren't feeling well. DO please CONTACT US to let us know your child will be absent. Help us keep our students and staff healthy, and programming rolling! Thank you!

Behavioral Guidelines & Agreements

Theatre classes and rehearsals can sometimes be noisy, and full of energy. If your child doesn't enjoy being in this type of class, please check with us before enrolling so we can help support choosing an appropriate program that will set your child up for success. Age requirement is usually for the day the program starts.

  • We will remove students who do not follow the agreed upon behavioral guidelines. This ensures a safe and creative, collaborative environment for all.
  • Although most classes do not require prior experience (it will be noted if a class does), students need to be able to follow age-appropriate cues to work in a collaborative, creative environment with a group.
  • Refunds will not be given for behavioral related removal from programming.


Students must be checked in and out of programs using a unique pin code. See "Pin Code" tab on this site for information about how to locate and use your pin code.

For kids ages 9 & up, a form granting them permission to arrive/depart unaccompanied is available. Click here for the form.

Find Us: KMT Liberty Theatre Entrance: 1216 Duane Street, Astoria, OR 97103
Address: 1203 Commercial St, Astoria, OR 97103, USA
Phone: 503-325-5922 x31
Email: [email protected]