The Art of the Monologue - Prep, Practice & Perform (Ages 11-18)

  • Acting, Audition skills
Kids Make Theatre at The Liberty, 1216 Duane St, Astoria, OR 97103, USA
Jan 28 2024
Art of the Monologue
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How do you approach preparing, practicing and performing a monologue? 


In this workshop, students will be given monologues to tussle with. They will learn how to "break down" a monologue, connect emotionally with the content, play with tools to finesse the text so it goes beyond recital, and practice performing the monologues with the other students as supportive fellow-learners. Students do not need to prepare a monlogue ahead of time.


Because students will be given the monologues in the workshop, they will also learn how to "cold read," which is an essential skill not only for auditioning, but also for working with new plays and musicals in the rehearsal room when new material is often given rapidly, working in film and TV, and for doing staged readings too. Students will not be required to memorize or go "off book," although some memorization will naturally occur as students get familiar with the materials.


Learning how to handle monologues is a fundamental, critical skill for theatre performance (and playwriting too). They are often a part of auditions, they crop up in all sorts of ways in plays and musicals (many songs are a form of monologue), and, learning how to monologue makes dialogue suddenly seem so much easier - someone else to talk with!


A note to the adults -  Monologues are often "direct address," spoken directly to the audience, and are always one character speaking at length while other characters listen. The skills involved in effective monologue delivery are transferrable to all sorts of situations in school and, later, work environments. Ever had to give a presentation? That's a monologue! 


Experience in acting is required for this workshop. 

  • Please bring a willingness to jump into working with text, including reading, note taking, practice performing and learning how to give supportive, critical feedback to fellow workshop participants. 
  • Bring layers! We have heat and the temperature that day will change the room temp.
  • Bring a snack.
  • Suggest bringing a water bottle (we have a water fountain too).

Lead Teaching Artist: Katherine Lacaze
Teaching Artist: Lori Honl Wilson



Participants must currently be 11 years to 18 years old.

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Registration starts on 11/09/2023.

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Kids Make Theatre at The Liberty, 1216 Duane St, Astoria, OR 97103, USA